It has been a long two weeks.  We pretty much shut down back in March for a two week level off with this thing called COVID.  Well, nearly a year later with a bit more knowledge, we are sailing again.  It was a good time to catch up on some things we wanted to do.  The new generator was installed during the down time.  For those of you that are sun conscious, we now have a full sunshade enclosure for the cockpit area.  However , those that want to work on their tan, fore and aft is still open.  There are more bean bag chairs for the bow this year.

We have received quite a few calls from guests that want to know if there is any snorkeling, swimming or paddle boarding.  Upon request, we can supply the equipment for snorkeling and bring a couple paddle boards.  Snorkeling and paddle boarding is pretty nice when anchored off one of our island destinations. 

We had an interesting trip a couple weeks ago, one of the guest in the family was actually teleworking during the trip.  Not a bad office to work from.  So then, we heard:  Oh XXXX, my battery is dying, I have to finish this report.  The only cord in his bag was a regular charge charger for a wall receptacle.  Thank goodness for the generator! 

There have been a lot of dolphins lately, which we never get tired of watching swim and play. As the water warms up, we have been seeing more manatee inshore.

Keep an eye open for new photos from trips, and feel free to send us some of yours from your outings with us.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!